Investment products

Sun Life Granite Managed Solutions

Sun Life Granite Managed Solutions can support a wide range of investment objectives, from capital preservation to capital growth to income.

Sun Life Milestone Funds

Sun Life Milestone Funds provide a simplified investment solution with a guaranteed maturity value that can help with your investment goals, even in turbulent markets.

Sun Life Tactical ETF Portfolios

Sun Life Tactical ETF Portfolios are designed for investors who want exposure to exchange traded funds (ETFs) within the structure of an actively managed mutual fund.

Diversified income funds

Diversified income funds seek to generate income by investing across various asset classes, sectors, and geographies. Like most income funds, they prioritize income generation over capital appreciation.

Equity funds

Equity funds invest in shares of companies and offer the investor the potential for growth in their investment over time. Equity funds have a variety of management styles.

Asset allocation and balanced funds

Asset allocation and balanced funds are a mix of equities, bonds and cash equivalents.

Fixed income funds

Fixed income funds invest in bonds and have the potential for growth while providing a source of income.

Corporate class

Corporate class funds may be suitable for investors who are looking for a tax-efficient vehicle for their non-registered  assets.

Private Client

Private Client offers a comprehensive range of mutual funds for affluent investors.

Emerging markets funds

Emerging markets funds invest in equity securities issued by companies located in emerging markets throughout the world.

Other investment solutions

A range of innovative investment solutions to suit your unique needs throughout your life are available through the Sun Life Financial group of companies.