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For fee-sensitive clients who want exposure to ETFs within the structure of an actively managed mutual fund.

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Broad diversification, tactical asset allocation and a multi-manager approach.

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Patience is a virtue. Our Sun Life MFS Funds focus on long-term investing in a short-term world.

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MFS Insights: In an Aging Bull Market, Investors Get Picky

Despite global equity markets providing double-digit returns in the first half of the year, investors are discriminating to a degree that has not been seen in years.

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To connect, build and nurture strong relationships, you need to meet your audience where they are.

30-second reviews

We review insights from behavioural economics books to reconnect you with useful things you might have already read – and help connect those ideas to investor behaviour.

Why choose Sun Life Global Investments?

We take a global perspective. Find out how we scour the world for best-in-class investment managers.

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